[CMC] R: Projected Attendance for the Fall 2021 CCSDS Meetings

Calabrese Massimo massimo.calabrese at asi.it
Thu Aug 26 18:29:06 UTC 2021

Hi everyone

ASI policy is alligned with the Italian government COVID prevention regulations which invite all public administrations to non allow any travel abroad for their employes.

This is why no ASI personnel is allowed to travel and attend in person the CCSDS and CMC meetings next fall.


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CSA personnel will not be able to travel and attend in person the CCSDS and CMC meetings this fall.

Thank you,


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Dear CMC Members,

With so many CMC members being out of the office during August it proved too difficult to schedule a midterm CMC meeting with a majority of members present. I will be starting a new poll to select a date in September for the CMC's midterm meeting. CNES requires a decision about hosting the fall CCSDS meetings in-person as quickly as possible. I would ask that each CMC member reply to this email sharing their agency's position on in-person attendance for the fall CCSDS meetings, scheduled 18-28 October, 2021. Having conferred with Sami Asmar, I have included NASA's position in this message.

In preparing a schedule for the technical meetings, I have learned that CCSDS's Data Archive Interoperability, Onboard Wireless, and Optical Communications Working Groups have decided that they will meet remotely this fall regardless of CCSDS's decision. I know of two other working groups that are currently discussing this possibility. Please take this into consideration when forming your agency's position.

NASA's travel policy at the moment is mixed as each center has determined their own travel policy based on national and local regulations. No attendance from NASA-JPL will be possible. Though NASA-GSFC NASA-MSFC, and NASA-JSC attendance would be possible under their current policies, we expect this not to be the case by 18 October 2021. The United States Centers for Disease Control has placed the United States and France on their list of countries with Very High risk of COVID transmission. We do not expect travel for non-mission critical events to be possible beginning shortly.

Best regards,

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