[CMC] Fake RIDs on CCSDS Website

Dorothea.Richter at dlr.de Dorothea.Richter at dlr.de
Wed Oct 28 12:38:14 UTC 2020

Dear Michael,

while looking something up on the CCSDS Website, I stumbled over some very strange "RIDs" attached to some of the recently completed reviews.

For example:

- CCSDS 766.1-P-2.1: a RID short title "Pastillas Adelgazar Chile"

- CCSDS 401.0-RP-30.1: a RID short title "Testosterone Booster Canada"

- CCSDS 766.3-R-2: a RID short title "https://infopokers.xyz Info Poker Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya Di Indonesia 2020"

The "Description of requested change" field also shows some very strange contents.

Did not check if there are more... Please have a look at it and delete this items a.s.a.p.

We should also check with the website guys if there are ways to prevent entries like that for future reviews.

Best regards,





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