[CMC] Announcement of New NASA CMC Rep--Mr. Sami Asmar

Nicolas.Bobrinsky at esa.int Nicolas.Bobrinsky at esa.int
Tue Nov 3 11:30:15 UTC 2020

Dear Steve,

thank you for informing us about this new appointment. I wish on behalf of 
all the ESA colleagues involved in CCSDS work to congratulate Mt. Sami 
Asmar for his appointment as NASA representative to the CMC. We are 
looking forward to meet him at our next CMC session, which hopefully 
sooner than later will resume in our traditional face to face meetings.

I take also the opportunity to thank you for all the work which you have 
successfully done (and are still doing) in chairing our CMC sessions, 

With best regards,

Nicolas Bobrinsky
Head of the Ground Systems Engineering and Innovation Department

European Space Agency ESA/ESOC
Robert-Bosch-Str. 5, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany
nicolas.bobrinsky at esa.int | www.esa.int/ssa
T +49 6151 90 2543 

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CMC Members,
As I have previously announced, I will be retiring from NASA/JPL on 
January 4, 2021. 
I am pleased to announce that NASA has appointed Mr. Sami Asmar of 
NASA/JPL to replace me as the NASA CMC representative.
Sami Asmar is the Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Customer 
Formulation in the Interplanetary Network Directorate at NASA's Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology, and has 
extensive experience with NASA’s international and commercial partners. 
During his distinguished career as a Radio Scientist, he was the manager 
of JPL’s Radio Science Systems Group, Project Scientist for the GRAIL 
lunar gravity mission, and a co-investigator or instrument manager on 
several US and European deep space missions - - currently the Radio 
Science Co-PI for the BepiColombo mission. He has a BS in physics from 
Occidental College and MS in Geophysics and Space Physics from UCLA. He is 
the recipient of 3 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medals for technological 
and scientific breakthroughs and a SpaceOps Exceptional Achievement Medal 
for innovative deep space communications techniques. He has been leading 
JPL research initiatives in radio and laser link utilization for planetary 
exploration and invented the “carry your own relay” concept and the Mars 
Cube One (MarCO), the first solar system CubeSat mission (NASA Inventions 
Board NPO-49544), and was its formulation Principal Investigator.
I will continue to participate as Sami transitions into the job.
Welcome Sami!!
Stephen A. Townes, PhD
Chief Technologist, Interplanetary Network Directorate
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
mobile: +1 818-731-4614
desk: +1 818-354-7525

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