[CMC] CMC telecon on March 11, JAXA input for Tokyo meeting

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Dear Shigeta-san
Thank you for putting that in the agenda. I will go for the option 3, a very good idea.
Tomorrow I will participate from home, because of some exaggerated reactions of DLR they are sending us home to do remote work, actually I am the only one of our team here this week.
I do not know how will be the quality of the connection using a DLR computer from home.
Thanks and best Regards

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Betreff: [CMC] CMC telecon on March 11, JAXA input for Tokyo meeting

Dear CMC Members,

I am sending you the "JAXA input for Tokyo meeting" presentation for the CMC telecon on 11th tomorrow.

Considering the situation of the coronavirus epidemics, I understand the technical meeting in May will be a major agenda item for tomorrow's telecon, but please discuss the Tokyo CMC meeting in June as well, and decide when to make the final decision for organizing Tokyo meeting.

At the telecon, I’m planning to explain the meeting plan (attachment) based on the assumption that the meeting will be held.
In summary:
•   The schedule for the 3-day CMC/SC 13 meeting in Akihabara remains unchanged.
•   For the optional technical tour on Day 4 (Friday), we have 3 options, so please decide, at this telecon, which one you would like to use.
•   Please note the following in the discussion of option selection.
>  We would like to know the approximate number of participants. (We need many participants to arrange a bus to/from Tokyo)
>  If you're coming, which option is the most desirable for you?
>  The option 3 gives us enough time for the tour and does not require your travel expenses. However, with this option, we have to adjourn the meeting on Thursday around 16: 30 while we have a lot of discussion items as I understand.

Best Regards...Shigeta
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