[CMC] Upcoming request for 25 satellites

Soula Jean-Marc Jean-Marc.Soula at cnes.fr
Fri Aug 28 08:22:38 UTC 2020

Bonjour SANA,

I have a request in preparation for SCIds of 25 satellites in a small constellation.
They say they need 25 different codes in Version 1 for TM/TC and 25 different codes in Version 2 for the Payload link.

First time for CNES, but I guess other CCSDS Members may already have brought such case to the SANA...

I know the limitations on assignment of new SCId codes, but I am not sure of the situation in each frequency band.
I'll clarify with them the exact frequency bands, but I already know they have S-Band for Earth Observation. Is that band overcrowded already?

My other question is about the constellations: is there any particular recommendation from the SANA on how to address requests for multiple satellites ?
I remember this was discussed some years ago but I couldn't find the conclusions, nor I can remember if the discrimination with frequency bands was established after that discussion and if those conclusions were updated.

Thank you for your clarifications on these question.

Of course, I brought the ULSP to their attention but I'm not sure this company is ready to migrate as they plan to launch within the next two years. We will see...

Best regards

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