[CMC] CMC polls - where to find them?

繁田 勉 shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp
Wed Apr 29 23:57:28 UTC 2020

Dear Marita-san,

Because I am the first CMC member on the globe who reach the deadline date of April 30........

Approval of New Project in in the 1.06 SEA Delta-DOR Working Group(CCSDS 506.0-M-3)

Approval of New Project in in the 5.03 SLS Multispectral and  Hyperspectral Data Compression Working Group(CCSDS 125.0-B-1)


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Hi Michael,

I hope you are doing fine in these hard times and staying healthy.

I am taking over the voting of the CMC polls for Nicolas Bobrinsky as CMC rep for the Agency. I used to do it for Juan Miro, but can't remember which site exactly to access and where to find the polls. Below is a screenshot of where I ended up...but can't see any polls..Can you pls help? I have Nicolas' credentials, so no need to get own ones.

Many thanks.

Marita Roth
OPS-G office

Kind regards,
Marita / OPS-G

Best regards,
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