[CMC] Results of CMC Polls Closing 28 November 2019

CCSDS Secretariat thomas.gannett at tgannett.net
Tue Dec 3 18:38:59 UTC 2019

Correction: In the result for the following poll, the poll title 
should read as follows:

"CMC-P-2019-11-005 Authorization to release CCSDS 902.2-R-1, Cross 
Support Service Management--Communications Planning Information 
Format (Red Book, Issue 1) for CCSDS Agency review"

>CMC E-Poll Identifier: CMC-P-2019-11-005 Authorization to release 
>CCSDS 902.2-R-1, Planning Information Formats (Red Book, Issue 1) 
>for CCSDS Agency review
>Results of CMC poll beginning 14 November 2019 and ending 28 November 2019:
>                 Adopt:  10 (100%) (ASI, CNES, CNSA, CSA, DLR, ESA, 
>   Adopt Provisionally:  0 (0%)
>                Reject:  0 (0%)
>  Reject with Comments:  0 (0%)
>Results are based on responses from 10 out of 11 members (90.91%).
>No response was received from the following Agencies:
>Secretariat Interpretation of Results:  Adopted
>Resulting CMC Resolution:               CMC-R-2019-11-002
>Inferred Secretariat Action:            Release Review Document

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