[CMC] Agenda for CMC in Berlin

繁田 勉 shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp
Mon Oct 15 10:13:59 UTC 2018

Thank you Calvin-san for taking care of my input,

A reason for necessitating CMC agenda is that my colleague, Hoshino-san, is planning to participate in via telecon from Tsukuba. He makes his daily evening plan in accordance with the agenda, evening plan due to time-difference.

Thank you again and take your time, not very urgent.


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Hello Shigeta-San,

Sure, no problem on a time slot to share JAXA activities - we can work in a short window Tuesday afternoon.

Regarding the CMC agenda -  I'm working with James to finalize it today.  For your planning purposes, it looks like we will be adjourning on Thursday at 14:45 PM.  



On 10/15/18, 4:15 AM, "繁田 勉" <shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp> wrote:

    Dear Afarin-san, Calvin-san,
    This is to request a small time slot in the upcoming CMC meeting for the attached JAXA brief report.
    Although the agency report is not on the agenda this time, JAXA would like to present the attached JAXA activities.
    This does not take much time, only 10 minutes, therefore no need to make it on the CMC agenda items.
    As I would like to draw attention of CESG members, my report on the first day, Tuesday, would be appreciated.
    On the other hand, the CMC agenda will be ready soon??
    I would like to know what time the meeting closes on Thursday, Oct. 25.

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