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繁田 勉 shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp
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Dear Calvin-san and all,

Hereafter, please find the JAXA's findings on the subject of SANA Registry action.

The list below shows the registries which are not mission-focused, not technical, no longer applicable or suitable.

Not mission-focused/Not technical registries:;

ü  Contact Roles

ü  Contacts

ü  Organization Roles

ü  Organizations

No longer applicable/suitable registries;

(Referenced documents are historical)

ü  Frame Secondary Header Version Number

ü  Packet Version Number

ü  Proximity-1 Port Identifier

ü  Space Link Identifiers Registries

ü  Space Packet Protocol Application Process Identifier (APID)

ü  Transfer Frame Version Number (TFVN)

(Can be substituted by other database such as SFCG database)

ü  Apertures

ü  Apertures Links

ü  Service Sites and Apertures

The following registries have references to historical documents. Those references should be removed.

ü  SCPS-NP Domain Identifier (D-ID)

ü  SCPS-NP End System Identifier (ES-ID)

ü  SCPS-NP Path Identifier (P-ID)

ü  SCPS-NP Transport Protocol Identifier (TP-ID)

ü  SCPS-TP Connection Identifier

ü  SCPS-TP Extended Capability Binding Space Identifiers

ü  CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Entity Identifier

ü  CLCW Version Number

ü  Extended Protocol Identifier for Encapsulation Service

ü  Internet Protocol Extension Header

ü  Multiplexer Access Point Identifier (MAP ID)

ü  Protocol Identifier for Encapsulation Service

ü  Virtual Channel Identifier (VCID)

We will shortly vote on e-poll of CMC-P-2018 05-001~005.

Best Regards….Shigeta

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Dear CMC Members,

Since navigating through the SANA website can be challenging, I’ve attached a table with summaries of the approved SANA registries that will hopefully be of value in addressing the action from the last telecon - to determine which items on the list are mission focused technical registries (and which are not).  As a reminder, the action to send in your votes is this Friday, October 5th.  Let me know if you have any questions.



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