[CMC] Meeting next week

黄永辉 yonghui at nssc.ac.cn
Thu May 10 09:27:53 UTC 2018

Dear CMC friends,

Our meeting is coming:)

After you arrive Beijing International Airport, please follow the TAXI sign to Floor -2. There will be a queue waiting for taxis, maybe it is long. But don't be scared, it will not take too much time. Just tell the driver the hotel name and address. you can print out the following:



Park Plaza Hotel Science Park

No.25 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing, phone: +86 10-8235-6699

and show this to the driver. REMEMBER, don't use any black taxi. I mean if anyone ask if you need a taxi/car, don't answer them.

It is better you take some cash (renminbi) in your wallet. You can exchange it inside the airport. Using ATM for cash will be charged more, I think.

After you arrive Park Hotel, show your passport to the front desk. If they ask, just tell them your room is reserved by Ms. EN Lijuan from ISSI-BJ (National Space Science Center, 中科院空间中心).

Monday morning, I will pick up you guys at the lobby of Park Hotel at 8:00. then we walk to NSSC, about 20 minutes. Please take your passport at that time. We will check your passport and make a photocopy before entering our building.

If you have any problem/question, please call me at 18618329725.

Have a nice trip;)

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