[CMC] Results of Recent CMC Poll

Stafford, Laura (HQ-CG000)[Arctic Slope Technical Services, Inc.] laura.stafford at nasa.gov
Thu Feb 1 18:11:07 UTC 2018

CMC E-Poll Identifier: CMC-P-2018-01-001 New Cross Support Transfer Services Working Group Project

Results of CMC poll beginning 04 Janaury 2017 and ending 17 January 2018:

 Adopt:  8 (88.88%) (CNSA, DLR, ESA, INPE, JAXA, NASA, RFSA, UKSA) 
 Adopt Provisionally:  1 (11.11%) (CNES)
 Reject:  0 (0%)
 Reject with Comments:  0 (0%)

Results are based on responses from 9 out of 11 members (81.81%).

No response was received from the following Agencies:


Conditions from CNES: ​Following the joint meeting with CCSDS in November 2017, IOAG has inquired its Member Agencies about the future use of the CSTS FF service. As their epoll should be completed now, CCSDS should make sure a statement from IOAG is obtained in order to consolidate the decision of starting this new work in a WG that always claims for additional resources.

Secretariat Interpretation of Results:  Adopt Provisionally
Resulting CMC Resolution:                CMC-R-2018-01-011
Inferred Secretariat Action:                Approve Project once Provision is met

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