[CMC] INPE Informal Review of the Draft Minutes of the October 2018 CMC Meeting (Berlin).

Eduardo W. Bergamini eduardo.w.bergamini at outlook.com
Fri Dec 21 01:44:21 UTC 2018

Dear Michael,

I would have a comment that I wish to propose for consideration in the context of the enclosed <CMC Fall 2018 MoM Draft_v1.2> minutes.

Therefore, I leave to your consideration on what could be a best way to rephrase and synthesize my comment in a way that it may permit an adequately, brief inclusion in the context of the CMC draft minutes.

The comment. At our CMC meeting, when discussion came up on the Glossary to be maintained by SANA. At that point I made a point to the plenary of the meeting that can be equivalently expressed under
the following comment. It can be observed that a Term or Item of the Glossary may have conceptually more than one definition (2, or more), depending on the context it is being defined and used, for
instance, across the work context of more than one of the CCSDS WGs. To say the least, because the same term may also be in use with also conceptually different definitions by other groups or organizations,
outside of CCSDS. As a result, it is honestly unconceivable to try to "unify" under an "unique" conceptual definition a set of two or more definitions, associated to a same Glossary Term or Item which have been
that are being adopted under different contexts, for instance, of Standards and or Best Practices documents, or else. In conclusion, the point I expressed in the pertinent discussions we held in the CMC plenary
is that, for each Term or Item of the Glossary it may also include a pointing to the at least one document (a CCSDS Recommendation, Best Practice, or else) where it is originated from, or, simply cited, in the way it
is being defined, in the context of the pointed document. That is, each Term or Item of the Glossary can eventually hold more than one conceptually different definition, each of them, depending on the origin
where it has been defined. If such a proposed care is not taken in the context of a Glossary, it will fatally open the possibility of polemic interpretations or, even, misinterpretations to a specific Term or Item of
the Glossary, that may actually bear more than one conceptually different definitions that depend on the specific conceptual context they were defined from.

Thank you for your attention and consideration, as possible.

Sincere regards,

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Dear CMC Members,

Please find attached to this message the draft minutes of the CMC's October 2018 meeting. If you would, please take a moment to review these minutes and reply to me with any changes or updates by Friday, 21 December 2018. After this informal review, the minutes will proceed to CMC poll for final approval.

Best regards,

Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
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