[CMC] Netherlands Space Office Observer Agency Request

Michael.McKay at esa.int Michael.McKay at esa.int
Mon Apr 9 13:23:42 UTC 2018

Dear David,

I have no questions concerning the application and support the NSO's 
request to become observers.



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Date:   04/04/2018 16:17
Subject:        [CMC] Netherlands Space Office Observer Agency Request
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Dear CMC Members, 
The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) recently requested to join CCSDS as an 
observer agency. Per their request, they were asked to fill out the 
attached Observer Agency Request form to provide CMC members with more 
information in order to make a determination on their status as an 
Observer Agency. Please review the attached information provided by the 
NSO, and if you have any further questions, please email me no later than 
20 April 2018. I coordinate any follow-up questions for the NSO with their 
point of contact. I have added an agenda item to discuss the NSO’s 
membership status at the CMC meetings in May at our face to face meeting. 
I look forward to seeing everyone soon, 
-David Ross
David C. Ross, MPA, PMP
ASRC Federal
ph.: 240-565-2231
email: David.Ross at nasa.gov
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