[CMC] ECSS liaison to CCSDS: special request

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Received. Is it the intent for ECSS to no longer participate as a liaison at all? Or is it that the point of contact for ECSS has changed to Angel Cuellar (Formerly Gilles Moury)? I am cc'ing Gilles here for full situational awareness.

All the best,

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Subject: ECSS liaison to CCSDS: special request


I have received this request as CCSDS liaison to ECSS. Please can you replace the ECSS Secretariat by the Eurospace (an European Organization representing the European Industry) Secretariat when distributing CCSDS documents for official review.

The mail is:

angel.cuellar at eurospace.org<mailto:angel.cuellar at eurospace.org>

This reinforces the will of European Industry to contribute to the CCSDS official reviews, and it could represent an enabler for its future participation in the production of CCSDS standards


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From:        Moury Gilles <Gilles.Moury at cnes.fr<mailto:Gilles.Moury at cnes.fr>>
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Cc:        Castanet Fabien <Fabien.Castanet at cnes.fr<mailto:Fabien.Castanet at cnes.fr>>
Date:        21/09/2017 09:39
Subject:        ECSS liaison to CCSDS: special request

Dear Nestor,
ECSS TA placed an action on me (see action below) to check whether CCSDS secretariat could include Eurospace Secretariat in the distribution list for CCSDS review data packs. This would bypass ECSS secretariat which has no added value in the process and save time.
ECSS Secretariat could be replaced in the distribution list by Eurospace Secretariat. As CCSDS liaison to ECSS can you request this change from the CCSDS Secretariat ?
Best regards,

Gilles MOURY
CNES Toulouse

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