[CMC] [CESG] Action placed upon ADs / DADs on the Strategic Plan during the last Joint CESG / CMC meeting

Barkley, Erik J (3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Mar 7 21:49:44 UTC 2017


I have checked the CSS area part of the strategic plan and I'm satisfied that all of the elements are still correct for the CSS area.  There will likely be some changes with regard to work in progress versus published specifications in the very near future but those are not yet official (for example, publication of the cross support services framework, etc.).

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Subject: [CESG] Action placed upon ADs / DADs on the Strategic Plan during the last Joint CESG / CMC meeting

Dear all,

If you did not complete your action (due on Dec 2016) , please check the following (by accessing the "online CCSDS Strategic Plan"  within the CWE)

  1.  Validity of your Area objectives: Otherwise update accordingly

  1.  Validity of your Mission Goals: Otherwise update accordingly (together with the related WG Chairs)

  1.  Check in the Area links that
     *   All published documents (type 2 and 3) are correctly listed
     *   All documents under production (type 4 and 5) are correctly listed
     *   All documents for the future (i.e. type 6, Draft projects) are correctly listed


Dear ADs / DADs

a santa gift

*ACTION* Action on the Area Directors to update their online strategic plans on the basis of the documents that have now been approved or deleted by the resolutions identified during the Fall 2016. Due Date - December 2016.


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