[CMC] CCSDS-OMG Liaison: Report to CMC and CESG

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Fri Jun 9 09:37:55 UTC 2017

Dear CMC and CESG,

Please find below the report in subject.




CCSDS-OMG Liaison: Report to CMC and CESG

MOIMS AD attended the Object Management Group (OMG) Space Domain Task 
Force (SDTF) meeting in his function as CCSDS liaison.
The meeting took place 08Jun17 between 09:00-12:00 in Brussels.

-       Brad Kizzort, Harris corp
-       Thomas Vergnaud, Thales (part time)
-       Steven MacLaird, OMG staff
-       Jeff Smith, Multi Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE) (part 
-       Mario Merri, CCSDS MOIMS.

Brad Kizzort delivered a presentation on the OMG process and on the SDTF 
current and future work (attached).

SDTF Active Specifications:
-       XTCE 1.1 (2008)
-       XTCE for US government S/C conformance profile (XUSP) (2015)
-       Ground Equipment Monitoring Service (GEMS 1.4) (2015)
-       Satellite Operations Language Metamodel (SOLM) (2012)

The last 3 specifications will most likely be adopted by the US Air Force 
in the context of their Enterprise Ground Services (EGS).

SDTF On-going Work:
-       XTCE 1.2, RTF has disposed 196 out of 226 RIDs.
o       Version 1.2 is meant to be forward compatible with version 1.1. 
Boeing is developing a tool to convert from 1.1 to 1.2, which will be open 
o       SDTF plan to have the final draft 4 weeks before the New Orleans 
meeting that will start on 25Sep17
o       In order to adopt the new version (as done already for version 
1.1., CCSDS will probably have to do a yes/no Agency Review on Version 1.2
o       Regarding the CCSDS Prototyping: either changes in 1.2 do not 
require additional prototype effort (current baseline) or NASA could 
leverage on the already existing tools developed by Boeing (open sourced) 
and Northrop Grumman
-       Upgrade of XUSP has to wait for finalisation XTCE 1.2
-       GEMS 1.5: Current version, 1.4, supports ASCII and XML. Vendors 
would like to extend to Javascript Object Notation (JSON)

SDTF Short Term Roadmap
-       CubeSat Reference Model
o       INCOSE group led by Dave Kaslow has defined a system engineer 
process to be used for cubesats.
o       They will submit an RFC to OMG in 2017
o       CCSDS-OMG liaison view: No overlapping identified
-       GMSEC Message Specification
o       Defines GMSEC message set as a model driven specification
o       Submission of RFC planned for the September meeting in New Orleans
o       Dan Smith has very successfully lobbied with the US AF to get 
GMSEC adopted in their EGS.
o       MM will ask Dan Smith for an early draft of the submission
o       CCSDS-OMG liaison view: Needs to be coordinated with SM&C
-       Archive Exchange
o       The purpose is to exchange satellite operations archive (mainly 
TM/TC) between operations centres so that the receiving control centre 
could take over operations seamlessly.
§       This project is promoted by two US vendors: Harris and Crayton
§       Considered use cases are:
·       For transfer of integration archive from satellite integrator to 
initial operator
·       For transfer of operations archive between satellite operators
·       For transfer of operations archive during ground system technical 
§       The work has not started yet, it may require to define a canonical 
format (or schema) for an operational archive.
§       Danger of overlapping: we agreed that Brad will share any initial 
material with the DAI through the liaison.
o       The purpose is to exchange satellite operations archive (mainly 
TM/TC) between operations centres so that the receiving control
o       CCSDS-OMG liaison view: Needs to be coordinated with DAI
-       GEMS 1.5 (JSON): see above.

Future Activities (at this time only vaguely in the radar of the SDTF)
-       Telemetry Display Page Definition Exchange
o       The purpose is to transfer displays across control centres
o       Maybe an extension to XTCE
o       CCSDS-OMG liaison view: no overlapping identified.
-       Ground Data Delivery Interface
o       The purpose is to move binary TM and TC directly to/from the modem 
in the ground station
o       CCSDS-OMG liaison view: To be looked by CSS. The concept may be 
that the CC talks to the GS via SLE and that within the GS this new 
standard is used to talk to the GS modem.
-       Alert Management
o       How do I notify a network of users of significant event in the 
o       The OMG C4I specs meets already the needs of the US Airforce. The 
SDTF will not pursue this further
-       Goddard Core Flight Services
o       Goddard has SW capabilities called CFS for OB standardisation of 
cubesat that they consider standardising via OMG.
o       CCSDS-OMG liaison view: no overlapping identified.
-       Spacecraft Operations Ontology
o       RFI issued
o       Looked at SANA
o       Most likely this work will no progress as there is now little 
support by US AF.
OMG prefers an informal interface. Nevertheless Steve agreed on the 
proposal that I will draft the CCSDS-OMG MoU.

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