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Dear Dmitry
Thank you very much for the update
Thanks for updating also the point 2 with the hotel information
About point 3, I think it is a good idea to organize the meeting in this way
About the coffee breaks, I think it is a good idea to have it in the meeting room, if I understand it properly, that means that we are free about the times when we decide to have the breaks, it is correct?
Thanks and best Regards

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Good day, dear colleagues!

1) I would like to apologize for small confusion regarding LoIs for CMC in June.

Last week I spoke with Roscosmos International department’ representatives. So they told me that Roscosmos doesn’t send LoIs for meeting but Roscosmos provides Visa support (except ESA representatives, because ESA has its own office in Moscow). That means, you doesn’t need LoI from us, you’ll simply go to Russian Embassy in your country and get Russian Visa.  Please, fill in enclosed  .xls form and send me. Then I readdressed files to Roscosmos and Roscosmos representatives will contact to the representatives of Russian Ministry of foreign affairs.
Additionally you need to:
- attach a scan of the passport (the passport must be clearly visible photo and bottom row, the passport validity must exceed 6 months from the start date of the event in St. Petersburg) (Except Mr. and Mrs. Bergamini and Mr. Osvaldo Peinado, because they have already sent it)
- (*only for CMC members from China) specify the flight number of arrival/departure

regarding the accompanying person:
a) if wife and husband share the same last name: to wife - to specify the home address and phone;
b) if wife and husband have different surnames: please add to option #2 the certificate of marriage;
c) if the marriage is not registered: for the maintainer - to indicate the place of work, position, address, work telephone/fax. Maintainer is registered as an independent participant (presentation of Visa support for accompanying: only the spouse and minor children (students).

2) At the mid of January Vladimir Yanik and me had a business conversation with Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya representatives. So we wasn’t satisfy with proposed meeting conditions, and as a result we were readdressed to another hotel of Park Inn. Dear colleagues, the CMC meeting will be hosted in Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya. So we reserved 15 rooms for CMC members and the hotel representatives are ready to create a special link for us. Special link  will guarantee us the possibility to live in the same hotel as meeting will be hosted.

3) Dear colleagues, I need your opinion.

On our last meeting in Rome, I spoke you about excursion tour in State museum “Petergof”. This excursion tour is free pay. (You don’t need pay). The bus will take us from hotel.

So we need to define the date of excursion tour. I would propose 15th June (Thursday). According to this we’ll get the next schedule:
                                                                                                       13 June: CMC meeting

14 June, CMC meeting + ISO meeting (for example)

15 June, 9.00-17.00: Excursion tour (free pay)
15 June, 19.00-22.00: Social event (free pay too) (for example)

16 June: CMC meeting

What do think, colleagues?

4) CMC meeting and meeting room

Meeting room will be located in Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya. We rent a meeting room on 8 hours and more, we can include in our agenda any question what we want. No limit hours for our CMC meeting.
 So we need to plan 2 options:
- Agenda

-          Lunch time.
Concerning Coffee break: I would propose to include coffee break on our meeting time. That give us possibility not to interrupt on coffee break pause and make our meeting more productive.

What do think, colleagues?

Don’t hesitate to ask me.

Kind regards,

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Good day Dmitry/Anna,

At Today’s CMC teleconference, there was some confusion regarding letters of invitation. Some members believed they may not need a Letter of Invitation and could travel from Europe to Saint Petersburg on a tourist only visa, while others are awaiting official letters of invitation. Can you please advise on the expected letters of invitation?

From the NASA perspective, the letters are a requirement.

Thank you for your advisement,


David Ross, MPA, PMP
ASRC Federal
ph.: 240-565-2231
email: David.Ross at nasa.gov<mailto:David.Ross at nasa.gov>

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