[CMC] Invitation for nominees for CSS Area, Deputy Area Director

Juan.Miro at esa.int Juan.Miro at esa.int
Wed Dec 20 19:01:37 UTC 2017

Dear Erik, dear CMC members,

concerning the nominations for CSS DAD, ESA proposes Colin Haddow for this 
Find below a resume of Colin Haddow

Colin has been a member of the CCSDS Service Management Working Group for 
the last 10 years and  deputy Working Group Chair for the last 4 years. He 
is the lead author on 4 of the recommendations being prepared by the 
working group;

1. Simple Schedule Format Specification 
2. Service Management Utilization Request Formats
3. Planning Data Formats
4. Terrestrial Generic File Transfer.

He has a good working knowledge of the space link extensions, having been 
involved with the design and implementation of the telemetry and 
telecommand subsystems on a number of mission control systems. In addition 
he led the design and implementation of the ESA Network Interface System 
(NIS) that is used by ESA to establish links between mission control 
systems and ground stations. The NIS implements the SLE RCF, RAF, ROCF, 
FSP and FCLTU services.

Operational experience in supporting missions, especially the telemetry 
and commanding subsystems, have provided him with a good familiarity with 
the operational aspects of TTC both internal to ESA and in the context of 
cross support. He has also been involved with, and in some cases has led, 
the standardisation of internal ESA interfaces, between the mission 
control systems, flight dynamics and the ESA Tracking network (ESTRACK). 
This has given him considerable insight into the scheduling and 
coordination aspects of the ESTRACK.

His ongoing involvement in the Service Management Working group have 
demonstrated his interpersonal skills with respect to the coordination of 
international projects and development efforts.

I hope I have provided enough background about Colin, who is well known in 
CCSDS and I am willing to further information if needed.

Juan Miró
ESA delegate to CMC

Juan Miro
Head Ground Systems Engineering Department
European Space Operations Centre
European Space Agency

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CMC Colleagues,
As you are probably aware, the current Cross Support Services Area Deputy 
Area Director (CSS DAD), Margherita DiGiulio will be the CESG Chair, 
effective January 1, 2018. As such, there is now a need for a new CSS DAD. 
This email is to invite the CMC to nominate candidates for this position.
In addition, to the general CCSDS qualifications, which are listed below, 
here is my emphasis on the ideal qualifications for the CSS Area DAD:
a)       Significant familiarity with agency TTC (Tracking, Telemetry and 
Command) operations and systems, especially as applied in an interagency 
cross support setting
b)      A working knowledge of space link extension (SLE) standards and 
their implementation; familiarity with the Cross Support Transfer Services 
framework is desirable but not required
c)       A good understanding of how the agencies TTC services are managed 
and coordinated, especially in an interagency cross support context
d)      Established interpersonal skills for coordination of international 
projects and development efforts
Note that the CCSDS procedures manual states that an AD and DAD cannot be 
from the same agency.  Therefore, this request does not apply to NASA. 
General qualifications, as stated in the procedures manual are “...A 
candidate for selection as CESG chair, Area Director, or their deputies 
must have demonstrated the ability to function independently of his/her 
own agency’s agenda and to be able to fairly lead the development of 
international consensus..”
A more formal statement about the role of the DAD, extracted from the 
current CCSDS Procedure manual and listed below. It may be helpful to 
review this.
Given that this is recent development and that it is desirable to have a 
new deputy for the CSS Area established well in advance of the spring 2018 
meetings, I respectfully request identification of nominees by January 12, 
2018.  A brief indication of the candidate’s qualifications is much 
Best regards,
Erik Barkley
Cross Support Services Area Director
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
+1 818.393.4972
From CCSDS A02.1-Y-4, April 2014:
For refence, The DAD role:  “…The DAD is responsible for performing the 
functions of the AD in the AD’s absence. DADs may assist ADs in 
performance of functions, and DADs are expected to participate in the CESG 
consensus process…”
For reference, the role of the AD for which the DAD is the deputy:
“…An Area Director is responsible for the work done in his or her WGs, 
BOFs, and SIGs and is
specifically responsible for the following:
a) being a member of the CESG as the single representative of the CCSDS 
b) screening all proposals to form new WGs that are brought forward by 
BOFs to make
sure that they are supported by required documentation and their technical 
focus is
vectored toward the goals and objectives of CCSDS;
c) making recommendations to the CESG concerning approval for the 
chartering and
formation of WGs;
d) ensuring that CCSDS documents are properly categorized and that they 
embody the
content and quality expected of documents of their type;
e) making recommendations to the CESG for the progression of WG documents 
as they
approach key decision gates along the various document tracks;
f) demonstrating and certifying that formal review procedures have been 
followed prior to recommending the advancement of a document;
g) communicating the dates of CESG meetings to the WG, BOF, and SIG chairs 
so that
they may schedule the completion of their work prior to this time;
h) notifying the WG, BOF, and SIG chairs as to how and when their work is 
to be
presented to the AD for review;
i) deciding if Area meetings are to be held, and if so, setting the date, 
location, and
agenda for each Area meeting (it is strongly recommended that periodic 
co-located meetings of the WGs, BOFs, and SIGs in a particular Area should 
be held
to maximize opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas);
j) chairing Area meetings, ensuring that every WG, BOF, or SIG presents 
its work in a
satisfactory manner and that Area decisions are made through a process of 
k) ensuring that all Area work follows the set of architectural principles 
agreed to by the
CESG and is properly synchronized with work in other areas and with the 
evolution of the large installed base of CCSDS-compatible mission-support
l) working with the WG, BOF, and SIG chairs to prepare detailed reports of 
status, progress and problems for presentation at CESG meetings (as 
necessary, the
AD may request specific WG, BOF, or SIG chairs to attend CMC meetings to 
difficult issues);
m) verifying that all Normative Track documents are subject to the proper 
process of
formal agency review by the WG chair; 
n) maintaining the Area master-tracking list of relevant specifications as 
they progress
through the standardization tracks;
o) making recommendations to the CESG to reconvene a WG to refresh a 
standard that
has been finalized and deployed into operational use, and for which the WG 
is no
longer active;
p) making sure that technical cross-pollination occurs among the various 
WGs by
seeking frequent opportunities to hold Area meetings; and
q) seeking opportunities to advertise and promulgate the work of the Area 
by alerting
WG, BOF, and SIG chairs to opportunities to publish results or participate 
in relevant
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