[CMC] SLS-SLP Deputy Chair Candidates / Addendum

chris.perry at stfc.ac.uk chris.perry at stfc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 12 16:14:58 UTC 2017

Dear All,

UKSA is of course strongly supportive of Matt's nomination to this role.

Kind regards,

Dr Chris Perry,
Leader of Space Environment and Data Processing/Archiving Groups
Deputy Head Space Physics and Operations Division
RAL Space, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,
Harwell Oxford, OX11 0QX, United Kingdom
Phone:  +44 (0)1235 445780, Fax: +44 (0)1235 445848
Mobile: +44 (0)7777 667898
E-mail: chris.perry at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:chris.perry at stfc.ac.uk>

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Subject: Re: [CMC] SLS-SLP Deputy Chair Candidates / Addendum

Dear All,
        the current candidate is Matt Cosby from UK Space Agency.
Bet regards

Gian Paolo

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Date:        12/04/2017 14:33
Subject:        SLS-SLP Deputy Chair Candidates

Dear CMC Members,
        the SLP WG of the SLS Area is chaired by Greg Kazz (NASA/JPL) but actually misses a Deputy Chair.
One candidate is now available for this role, however - as per CCSDS A02.1-Y-4 -  in the interest of  fairness,  I  invite  the  CMC   to  propose  additional

Deadline for the proposal of candidates is Monday 8 May 2017 COB (San Antonio time).

Thank you all for your collaboration and best regards.

Gian Paolo Calzolari
SLS Area Director

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