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Thank you Nestor

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Betreff: [CMC] Action CMC-A-2016-10-15

Dear CMC,

The CMC placed upon the CESG Chair the following action

"The CMC asks the CESG Chair, Nestor Peccia, to send an email to the CMC indicating the definitions of each Priority (what does priority 1 mean, priority 2, priority 3)"

Please find below my proposal:

I consider the action as closed.


Priorities are only defined for the allocation of resources to existing CCSDS Draft Projects.
Resources deployed for execution of tasks as WG Chair / Deputy Chair are outside this definition.

Priority 1
An Agency commits to deploy resources for producing a BB or a MB or a GB
as Book Editor (for BB/MB/ GB) and / or
as Prototype 1 Developer (for BB) and / or
as Prototype 2 Developer (for BB)
Priority 2
An Agency commits to deploy resources for contributing to the production of a BB or a MB or a  GB by actively participating (physically and / or remotely by webex) in all associated informal and formal review of documents and interoperability test reports
Priority 3
An Agency commits to deploy minimal resources for monitoring the progress in the production of a BB or a MB or a GB

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