[CMC] CCSDS-ISO TC20/SC13 meeting in Brazil 27 April 2016

Ross, David (HQ-CG000)[Arctic Slope Technical Services, Inc.] david.ross at nasa.gov
Fri Mar 4 23:40:09 UTC 2016

Dear ISO and CMC members,

The ISO TC 20 / SC 13 meeting agenda was modified to accurately reflect the dates and times of the TC20/SC13 meeting as was approved in the 27 April 2016 CMC Meeting agenda. As a result of this update, an update to the TC20/SC13 meeting agenda is provided in the attached file. The agenda can also be found on the CCSDS website, located here<http://cwe.ccsds.org/cmc/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2fcmc%2fdocs%2fISO%20TC20-SC13%20Subcommittee%2f04%2eISO%20TC20-SC13%20Subcommittee%20Meeting%20Packages%2f30%2e%20ISO%20TC20-SC13%20Sub%2e%2048th%2eSC13%2eF%2eMeeting%2e26%2eApr%2e16%2eS%2eJ%2eCampos%2eBR&FolderCTID=&View=%7bD5DD30F7-53FC-45B9-8B93-709B280A475B%7d>.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions,

Thank you,
David Ross

David Ross, MPA, PMP
ASRC Federal
SCaN Risk Manager
ph.: 240-565-2231
email: David.Ross at nasa.gov

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