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Soula Jean-Marc Jean-Marc.Soula at cnes.fr
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Bonjour Martin,

I am afraid there is a confusion between actions / assignees from our last meeting: the table attached to your email better fits the definition of the following actions


The Secretariat was instructed to circulate the revised file from Nestor Peccia's presentation of 2016 approved projects lacking prototype 2 (Nav-SMM; MO-XML Encode; MO-TCPIP; Bundle Sec Protocol) to the CMC members to determine if they have additional resources within their agencies and any alternative resources that can help with these projects. Responses should be submitted to the Secretariat by CMC mid-term telecon.

Action: Secretariat

Due Date: 31 December 2015

Status: Open


The Secretariat was instructed to circulate to the CMC members the projects that lack resources/prototypes (Nav-ADM; Nav-NHM; NAv-PRM; MO-Data Distribution; Tel-Blue Book) due for completion in 2017 in order to determine if they are able to provide resources. The Secretariat should be informed by CMC Spring 2016 meeting.

Action: Secretariat

Due Date: 31 December 2015

Status: Open

To the best of my knowledge, nothing was circulated but your file may very well be used for the purpose.

Attached is the CNES feedback on these actions.

Concerning the action you refer to, I believe the table should contain much more than the projects lacking resources for the short term, and not only prototypes. I believe we were also talking projects lacking resources to start their work. According to the definition below, my understanding was that the CMC should have a combined vision of the feedback already  received at the Darmstadt CMC meeting, with complements from the agencies who had not previously responded. Then it would be much easier to go on a complete review and to discuss at CMC level which projects should be pursued (given resources), postponed (interest but no resources), cancelled (no evidence of an interest)...


The CMC instructed DLR/Osvaldo Peinado to collect CMC priority input (on both the approved and draft projects) on the Excel resources file developed by Nestor Peccia (based on a standardized color scheme). N. Peccia will revise the file and the Secretariat will circulate to CMC members. Completed files should be submitted to O. Peinado with a copy to the Secretariat by the deadline.

Action: CMC

Due Date: 31 January 2016

Status: Open

To the best of my knowledge, nothing was circulated to the CMC members, so far.

Best regards

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Dear all,

according to AI CMC-A-2015-11-12 everyone should deliver their priorities for the projects with missing resources in 2016/17. As we haven't received any feedback we will give you a new chance to answer till 15. February 2016. Please insert in the attached exel you priority as low, medium or high and send it back. Thanks for your support,

DLR, Martin and Osvaldo
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