[Secretariat] [CMC] Action Item CMC-A-2015-11-11

Afarin, James (HQ-CG000) james.afarin at nasa.gov
Wed Jan 27 17:30:02 UTC 2016

Dear Dmitry,

NASA can not support this project.

Thank you,


Dr. James Afarin

Space Data Standards Manager
Space Communications and Navigation Division
Office: 202-358-5221
Mobile: 202-549-6496

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Subject: [Secretariat] [CMC] Action Item CMC-A-2015-11-11

Dear CMC colleagues,

According to the Action Item CMC-A-2015-11-11, I would like to propose you to determine if there is any interest of your agencies to support FSA project “Correlated Data Generation” (CCSDS 551.1-O-1) and to convert it to a Blue Book.
Responses should be submitted to the Secretariat by 31 March 2016.


The CMC instructed FSA/Dmitry Barannikov to distribute Correlated Data Generation (Orange Book) amongst the CMC members to determine if there is support for this project to become a Blue Book. Responses should be submitted to the Secretariat by 31 March 2016.

Action: FSA/Dmitry Barannikov

Due Date: 31 January 2016

Status: Open

Best regards,
Dmitry S. Barannikov,
The Secretary of the Russian delegation

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