[CMC] CESG Chair Cross-check: online strategic plan, WG charters, approved / draft projects: Part 1 SEA Area

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Sep 16 06:10:56 UTC 2015

Dear all,

This is part 1 (out of  6) of the CESG sanity check on the above mentioned 

Goal is to deliver a consistent short-, medium- and long-term Strategic 
Plan to the CMC on 1st Oct 2015

SEA Area

CWE CCSDS Strategic Plan
                                Note: AD/DAD to follow update procedure 
distributed by Secretariat (i.e. Brian Oliver)

SEA Content             Peter Shames / Hiroshi Takeuchi to distribute 
updated text to CESG for review
SEA Links               Peter Shames  / Hiroshi Takeuchi to update links 
as follows 
Document type 2 Add published GB (350-9-G-1 CCSDS Cryptographic Algorithm
Document type 3 Delete Doc 353.1-G-1 Cryptographic algorithms
Document type 5 Update Doc Symmetric key management recommendations from 
blue to magenta book
Add Doc Delta-DOR Architectural Guidelines (MB)
Add Doc Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format (Issue 2) (BB)
Document Type 6 Add Doc CCSDS 311-0-M Reference Architecture for Space 
Data Systems (Issue 3)
Add Doc CCSDS Authentication Credentials (BB)
Add Doc Network layer Security over Space Packets (BB)
Add Doc Secure Software Engineering for Space Missions (GB)

CWE CCSDS Projects: All Draft Projects

BOF2 System Architecture BoF    Peter Shames / Hiroshi Takeuchi to create 
following Draft projects
Reference Information Architecture , Infrastructure Services and 
Interfaces (MB)
(to be created) BOF             Peter Shames / Hiroshi Takeuchi to create 
following Draft projects
Timeline Data Standard (BB)
Time Service Architecture (MB)
CCSDS Authenticatin Credentials (BB)    Howard Weiss to check if end date 
"Jan 2017" is realistic

CWE WG Charters         OK

If you need support to implement the changes please contact Brian Oliver


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