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Afarin, James (HQ-CG000) james.afarin at nasa.gov
Thu Oct 1 16:41:39 UTC 2015

Dear CMC and CCSDS Secretariat

While I was on leave the following CMC polls were opened and I was not able to register a vote for NASA.  For the record, I like to submit an “approve” vote for all of the following polls.

1.     CMC-P-2015-09-002 Authorization to publish CCSDS 355.0-B-1, Space Data Link Security Protocol (Blue Book, Issue 1)

2.     CMC-P-2015-09-003 Authorization to publish CCSDS 132.0-B-2, TM Space Data Link Protocol (Blue Book, Issue 2)

3.     CMC-P-2015-09-004 Authorization to publish CCSDS 232.0-B-3, TC Space Data Link Protocol (Blue Book, Issue 3)

4.     CMC-P-2015-09-005 Authorization to publish CCSDS 732.0-B-3, AOS Space Data Link Protocol (Blue Book, Issue 3)

5.     CMC-P-2015-09-006 Authorization to publish CCSDS 130.2-G-3, Space Data Link Protocols—Summary of Concept and Rationale (Green Book, Issue 3)

6.     CMC-P-2015-09-007 Authorization to publish CCSDS 734.2-B-1, CCSDS Bundle Protocol Specification (Blue Book, Issue 1)

7.     CMC-P-2015-09-008 Authorization to publish CCSDS 913.1-B-2, Space Link Extension—Internet Protocol for Transfer Services (Blue Book, Issue 2)

8.     CMC-P-2015-09-009 Authorization to publish updated SLE API Magenta Books

Thank you,


Dr. James Afarin

Space Data Standards Manager
Space Communications and Navigation Division
Office: 202-358-5221
Mobile: 202-549-6496
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