[CMC] Re: Request to try to recover unused SCIDs from agencies

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Bonjour Jean-Marc,

I think that the first role of the agencies should be to “police” their own list of satellites.   Once that is done, as you have indicated you have already done for CNES, then I think it might be useful for everyone to voice “suspicions on the “no-longer-in-operations-satellites”” of other agencies as well.   I think you mentioned the NASA Space Shuttles during our CMC meeting and that seems like an obvious case in point.

On the other subject, we agreed to allow time for the agencies to consider the impact on their ground data systems from returning simulator SCIDs and also to look at the issue of utilizing some other identifiers than the SCID to track data during ground processing.  I agreed to send out a request to that effect and will do so early next week.

Best regards, Peter

From: Jean-Marc Soula <Jean-Marc.Soula at cnes.fr<mailto:Jean-Marc.Soula at cnes.fr>>
Date: Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 5:07 AM
To: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov<mailto:peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov>>
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Subject: RE: Request to try to recover unused SCIDs from agencies

Bonjour Peter

To be sure of your request, could you please clarify if each of us should have a look at the whole list and express suspicions on the “no-longer-in-operations-satellites”, or if we just check the satellites of our own agency?

In the second case, the action is closed for CNES as we made this process a periodic one that we conduct at least once a year.
I also have continuous actions with some satellite operators for whom CNES had requested and got assigned GSCId’s. One of these actions resulted in the  identification last summer of about 20 V1 codes authorized for cancellation by Eutelsat. As those codes were requested by ESA and not CNES I have passed the list to Juan Miro who should confirm to SANA.

Concerning the Id’s for simulators, there are some of them assigned to CNES projects and I would like to have some time to talk to the projects before they are removed from the list. As most of the simulators use V1 GSCId’s, I believe the action to remove simulators from the list may be delayed. Anyway, the action opened at CMC level should give me enough time to establish an agency statement on these cases.

Let me know if more is required.

Best regards

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Objet : [CMC] Request to try to recover unused SCIDs from agencies
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Dear SANA,

Based on discussions in the 16 Nov 2015 joint CMC / CESG meeting we have a request for you.  There is increasing sense of urgency that we do something (relatively) quickly to avoid exhausting the available SCIDs.  We wish to request that you try again to recover SCIDs for spacraft that are no longer being actively communicated with.  The specific request is that you do the following:

  1.  Prepare for each agency the list of their spacecraft that have assigned SCIDs.
  2.  Indicate which of these spacecraft that we believe are no longer operational, such as all the NASA Space Shuttles.
  3.  Send the list for each agency to the Agency Head’s of Delegation (the CMC members) and also the identified Agency Representatives who have authority to request / rescind SCIDs.
  4.  Describe the urgency with this request and ask that they identify all of the spacecraft that are no longer operational or being actively communicated with.
  5.  Ask that they reply within one (1) month.
We recognize that we have done something like this in the past, with limited success.  Regardless we would like to try it again and we are asking the CMC members to assist in getting this done.  If needed we will contact each of these Agency Representatives directly, and in person.

Please let us know when you will be able to start this.

Thanks, Peter


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