[CMC] Action CMC-A-2015-05-03 for SLS-OPT about the solution needed for the Moon Scenario (Wavelength)

Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
Tue Jul 28 15:36:45 UTC 2015

Dear CMC,
        thanks to Bernie and  Klaus-Juergen, please find below the 
response to the above mentioned CMC action:

In the context of Moon to Earth communication employing also optical 
communication the following solutions are currently under investigation: 

1. Optical Moon Direct to Earth 
For the Optical Moon Direct to Earth communication the CCSDS High Photon 
Efficiency recommendation as envisaged for deep space communication could 
be used, which is comprised of a 1550 nm downlink, a 1030 nm uplink, and 
SCPPM modulation and coding. A 1550 nm uplink to the Moon is currently not 
under consideration, but could be explored as an option. 

2. Optical Moon to Earth Relay (then Ka-band from Earth Relay to Ground) 
For Optical Moon to Earth Relay communication there is currently no 
consensus in CCSDS, as it is linked to the High Data Rate recommendations 
where two different proposals were made by NASA and ESA. 
ESA currently investigates the scale-up of the EDRS solution for the 
Inter-Satellite Link, i.e. 1064 nm with homodyne BPSK modulation, and the 
re-use of the Ka-band solution  from Earth Relay to Ground. 

In conclusion there is no clear recommendation yet from CCSDS SLS-OPT for 
Moon to Earth optical communication, but agencies explore various 

With this response SLS Area consider the action closed.

Best Regards,

Gian Paolo Calzolari
SLS Area Director
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