[CMC] CORRIGENDUM: [CESG] [Cesg-all] Results of CESG Polls closing 23 April 2015

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Jul 8 07:51:35 UTC 2015

SORRY: CMC Poll has been done
See changes in red


I fully disagree with you.

The creation of a new WG has always been done taking into consideration 
the following items to be approved in one single poll

charter (also containing resources, schedule and the proposed WG Chair / 
Deputy Chair)
concept paper 

and this approach is not violating the Proc & Org YB rules 

You need, not only to look at the Proc & Org, but also to check what the 
CESG did in the past.

Two examples are shown below

Approval for creation of the SIS CFDP revision WG
Approval for creation of the SLS Optical WG

As your are always digging in the YB, I would like that you also dig in 
the past CESG polls. Please try to find the associated separate polls for 
the Chairs' approval of the above mentioned WGs (both led by NASA). 

You will see that there is none. WG Charter, Resources, Schedule, 
Projects, Concept paper and Chairs were approved all together by the CESG. 
I, as MOIMS AD, ( when casting my "approval"vote in those polls) was 
intrinsically approving the whole package.

Last but not least
Why did you not behave in those polls as now with the MP&S WG ?
the approval of the Optical WG is the one that you change abruptly your 
vote; and not because we did not apply the Proc & Org rules for the WG 
Chairs' nomination but due to "other" factors that everybody knows and it 
is better to leave aside.

In a nutshell, as CESG Chair 
Proc & Org YB rules has been followed when creating the MP&S WG at CESG 
I do not accept your statements. 
I ask the Secretarial to instantiate asap the WG (i.e.. update of CWE)

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