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Nestor, First, kudos to whoever put the DTN wiki together.  Really nicely done.  I'm generally a fan of this format.  Given all the work that goes into creating Blue and Magenta Books, I think some additional effort to help potential users of these books is time well spent.  I have felt for some time we take for granted that users of CCSDS standards know a great deal about the subject matter related to the book, but I believe in some cases that is not the case.  I know supporting a wiki could be onerous but if it helps those that follow us to implement the work we created, isn't that time well spent?
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Dear WG Chairs / Co-Chairs

The CMC placed upon the CESG Chairs the following action

CMC-A-2014-11-20        The CESG Chair was asked to confer with WG chairs and check their endorsement of the wiki forum approach.

Action: CESG Chair
Due Date: Spring 2015 CMC meeting
Status: Open

The wiki's main goal is to help the public with access to information about CCSDS technology. This will evolve into a customer support tool for users of CCSDS standards.

The link for the WIKI home page can be found of the Management Framework:

The WIKI Forum (be aware that there isn’t an official forum yet) is here:

If no response from the WG chairs / deputy chairs is received by mid March 2015. it is assumed that you fully support the wiki initiative


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