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Sorry, Nestor, from your original email I thought we had until mid-March to give you feedback.  My impressions: I like the layout of the home page, and the sample DTN WG wiki looks well-organized and informative.  My understanding of wikis is that they are intended to be highly collaborative, with content potentially provided by everyone who has access to them; at first glance, it doesn't look like these pages have been designed to be edited by anybody other than those with CWE access who already provide this information.  So is this really going to be a wiki, or is it going to be an informative, nicely formatted and organized web site?  I certainly can't argue against the latter, provided CCSDS has got the resources to continue maintaining it at this high standard.


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Dear ADs/DADs

It is probably my mistake due to the way how I have formulated the request, but what was supposed to be an inquiry to the WGs Chairs / Co-Chairs, has resulted in a CESG discussion (and this was assumed as the 2nd step)

I recognize that some ADs are also WG Chairs (which is the exception and not the rule), but I have received fast responses from 4 ADs and only 1 WG Chair.

@ WG Chairs / Co-Chairs : Please let us have your feedback.



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