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I tend to agree with the reservations that have been expressed by the earlier responders. The one trial page that is available, although very nice and well organized, seems to basically be a presentation of information that is available elsewhere in the CCSDS website. I think it may have taken more than just an hour or two to put together.  The true wiki part of it, i.e, some sort of forum for implementations to exchange notes etc. is not there yet and has not been demonstrated.  And perhaps it will work well but I would first ask what support are the agencies promising to provide for this? We already have difficulties getting prototype support, etc - and that (prototyping) seems like maybe the first step toward any kind of wiki as envisioned here.


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I'm all for information sharing, and I personally think Wikis are a good way to do it (since they allow the work to be taken on by a community rather than sticking one person with the task).  That said, *I* would like to have a wiki available for our (SIS-DTN's) use.  If this ends up being 'yet another task' that's forced on people then it won't work.

Is making the use of the capability 'optional' an option?


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Subject: [Cesg-all] Wiki forum Approach

Dear WG Chairs / Co-Chairs

The CMC placed upon the CESG Chairs the following action

The CESG Chair was asked to confer with WG chairs and check their endorsement of the wiki forum approach.

Action: CESG Chair
Due Date: Spring 2015 CMC meeting
Status: Open

The wiki's main goal is to help the public with access to information about CCSDS technology. This will evolve into a customer support tool for users of CCSDS standards.

The link for the WIKI home page can be found of the Management Framework:

The WIKI Forum (be aware that there isn't an official forum yet) is here:

If no response from the WG chairs / deputy chairs is received by mid March 2015. it is assumed that you fully support the wiki initiative


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