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At the November CMC meeting, I was given the action:

UKSA delegate is requested to provide information on the potential to place certain DADs positions up for new nominations.

The people involve are Stuart Fowell (SOIS), Roger Thompson (MOIMS) and Dai Stanton (SIS).

I sent the following information to Nick Tongson before Christmas, but I am now giving it wider circulation.

Since the CMC meeting, Stuart Fowell has left SciSys and the space industry in general, so he certainly needs to be replaced. There is no obvious candidate from the UK to replace Stuart as DAD and so I suggest that we need to open this up to wider nominations. Given that Chris Taylor is also retiring next year, we should consider how best to replace both the AD and DAD.

Roger Thompson is happy to continue as DAD for MOIMS, but he does wish to focus his efforts on the SM&C working group and the developing Planning BOF and consequently he is content to hand over the reins of the DAD post to someone else if that would be beneficial. We have also been discussing for about a year now how best to replace Nestor as AD for MOIMS after he became chair of the CESG. Again, we should consider if replacing both the AD and DAD for MOIMS would be beneficial or not.

To summarise:

-          The SOIS DAD post is definitely vacant and UK SA is not offering a person to fill it. (We will replace Stuart Fowell with Richard Melvin to take part in the working groups, though.)

-          Roger Thompson is content to stand down from the MOIMS DAD post if that will help resolve issues at the AD/DAD level. UK SA is not offering a replacement for Roger in the DAD role. Roger will, however, continue to play an active role at the working group level in the SM&C WG and in the Planning WG. In fact the reason that Roger is content to give up the DAD role is so that he can devote more time to the WG activities.

-          Dai Stanton wishes to remain as SIS DAD.


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