[CMC] CMC-A-2015-05-14 - IT Project Priorities

ccsds techsupport ccsds_techsupport at aiaa.org
Thu Aug 20 02:55:57 UTC 2015

Dear CMC,

Please see the attached file, which fulfills the requirements of the CMC action Item below.  I apologize for the delay on providing this data.  I had believed that I had sent this e-mail out 2 weeks ago after reviewing it with the Secretariat, but I just found this in my Outbox on my home computer.


The Secretariat IT Support Team was requested to provide proposed start and end dates for the IT project priorities to the Secretariat and CESG Chair.

Action: Secretariat IT Support Team

Due Date: 30 June 2015

Status: Open

I will continue to provide the CMC an updated version of this document as tasks are closed or dates change.


Brian Oliver

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