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Dear all,

I need to apologise but we need to stop step 1 because there are issues 
when updating Projects. Some (not all) WG Chairs are having issues saving 
edits to the form.  We believe that this is a performance issue, due to 
the amount of editable fields. 

The CCSDS Project Edit Form is ?massive? over 100+ different editable 
fields are on the form.  It takes several minutes to commit and save one 
minor change to the form.. We have passed the supported limitations of the 
software, by reaching the limit of editable fields that are allowed on one 
form.  The software will not longer support anymore new fields.

We have to split the CCSDS Project Edit form into 2 separate pages

Once the SW is updated I will inform everybody, and re-lunch the process.


Dear all,

There has been during the last months a review of the CWE Projects, 
Several CMC polls have been issued for Project approval and retirement. A 
new definition of Draft project has been introduced.

Considering that the process to update the whole FW is going very slow, I 
have decided to start step 1 in parallel. I am asking for your help and 

There exists 3 Project types
Approved (by the CMC with resources granted. It may be that Prototype 2 
resources are still missing for some approved Projects)
Pending (a poll for CMC Project approval is on-going)
Draft (Project not approved. Draft Projects will encompass medium and long 
term planned Projects covering the currently approved CCSDS on-line 
Strategy Plan)

The current CWE Management Framework contains 3 views under the "Projects" 

- View Existing Projects (Approved & Pending)   There are currently 90 
Projects (88 Approved, 2 Pending)
- View Draft Projects                           There are currently 19 
Draft Projects 
- View Closed WG Projects   (it shall be "all" and not closed)

STEP 1: Please WG Chairs / Deputy Chairs adapt urgently the schedule of 
those Projects behind schedule (i.e. 23 out of 88, or 26%) by latest 7th 
May 2015 cob
Note: I did not consider the CSS CSA doc, which is currently in its final 
step (CMC approval for publication)

David Berry     Attitude Data Message (ADM) 5 Year Review Revision 
Dan Smith       Mission Operations - Common Services
Mission Operations - Monitor & Control Services
Mission Operations - Space Packet Transport and Binary Encodings
D. Mittman      Telerobotics Standard Roadmap (Green Book)
Erik Barkley    Cross Support Service Management: Planning Data Formats
Cross Support Service Management: Simple Schedule Format Specification 
M. Di Giulio    Guidelines for Specification of Cross Support Transfer 
SLE Application Program Interface for Return All Frames Service. 
SLE Application Program Interface for Return Channel Frames Service
SLE Application Program Interface for Return Operational Control Fields 
SLE Application Program Interface for the Forward CLTU Service
SLE Application Program Interface for the Forward Space Packet Service
SLE Application Program Interface for Transfer Services?Core Specification 
Space Link Extension?Internet Protocol for Transfer Services, Recommended 
Tracking Data Cross support Transfer Service 
J. Wilmot       SLE Application Program Interface for the Forward CLTU 
K. Gilford      RFID Tag Encoding Standard for Space Applications
Greg Kazz       Space Data Link Protocols Green Book (Issue 3)
B. Edwards      Optical Communications Concepts and Terminologies 
Optical Communications Physical Layer 
Real-Time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Data 
K. Scott        Contact Graph Routing (CGR) for CCSDS

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