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Thu Oct 23 15:07:18 UTC 2014

Folks, I have arranged an evening meal for the week of the CMC meetings in London. This will be in the Moran Hotel across the road from BSI. I recall having a good meal there in the past.

This will be on the evening of Wednesday 19th November at "7.30 for 8pm". This is a provisional time and we could move it if we wish.

I will pay for the meal, but we will need to pay for our (alcoholic) drinks ourselves. Government policy, I'm afraid. The best way of handling the drinks is probably for one person to pay for the wine etc. that we have with the meal and sort it out later. I am happy to do that.

I am sending this to the CMC mailing list, but Nick, can you send it on to the CESG attendees who will be there too please.

Please let me know who will be attending the meal, including any "plus ones" so that we can let the restaurant know numbers.

Replies to this e-mail will go to Jane Porter, not to me, so if you have a question for me, please "send" an e-mail rather than a "reply".


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