[CMC] CMC Action Update - CMC-A-2014-04-13 - COMPLETED

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Tue Nov 18 03:41:19 UTC 2014


The following CMC Action is Completed:


The Secretariat was instructed to modify the Project Reports to account for the start date and include the change in months for the duration of the task. Also indicate which projects have started and which have not.

Action: Secretariat
Due Date: Fall 2014 CMC Meeting Status: COMPLETED

The Project Reports can be found here:

All future reports will also be generated using the "start date" for calculation.

NOTE - There were no projects in which a project without a completed “Start Date" revised their “Estimated Completion Dates”.  All of the projects in the reports are “Active / Approved” projects; which is noted in the “Start Date” column of the reports.


Brian Oliver
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