[CMC] CMC Action Update - CMC-A-2014-04-08 - COMPLETED

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Mon Nov 17 17:54:38 UTC 2014


In the Projects – Resources View of the Resources Matrix of the Management Framework, the Secretariat was instructed to add views of projects that (1) have or have not already started, and (2) have not started and do not have resources (grandfathers). Include appropriate links on the Framework homepage.

Action: Secretariat
Due Date: Fall 2014 CMC Meeting Status: COMPLETED

1) Have not or have Already Started:

2) Have Not Stared or do not Have Resources:
NOTE - Also Included Projects that are approved (not grandfathered) that have start dates in the future.

3) Appropriate Links on CCSDS Framework Homepage (see attached picture):
[cid:17201642-368C-4B7E-9092-B0E85F627B29 at woh.rr.com]


Brian Oliver
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