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Fri Nov 14 02:24:59 UTC 2014

We are currently addressing 3 different issues that are causing problems for some of you within the CCSDS Project System. Both Laura Stafford and myself are currently putting in all our time into correcting these issues ASAP.
1) Edit Form Error
a) A user updates a project via the edit form.
b) User clicks “OK” and is presented with an error.
c) Updates are not saved.
2) Enormous amount of Resource Alerts are sent to CMC Contributor Selections
a) A User updates a project via the edit form.
b) No changes to the “Contributor" Resources Fields are made.
c) CMC Members who were selected as “Contributor" receives duplicate e-mails (sometimes 20 at a time).
d) Zero e-mails should have been sent.
3) Users cannot edit the Comment Fields “Read Only” for Project Milestones
a) Can only edit or change first 3 milestones.
b) All other Comment fields are “Read Only”
NOTE - The solution to these issues may require us to have a an edit form for the “Project Milestones” area and another edit form for the rest of the Projects information.  Having over 100+ editable fields on one form is pushing the page to error out on saves.
Will continue to update you as we make progress with these issues.
Brian Oliver
CCSDS IT Tech Support

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