[CMC] Completed - CMC Action Item - Online CCSDS Strategic Plan

ccsds techsupport ccsds_techsupport at aiaa.org
Sun Nov 2 19:52:20 UTC 2014

Dear CMC Members,

The following CMC Action has been completed.

Note - The CESG is currently reviewing the online strategic plan.  The secretariat will support the system going forward.


CCSDS IT Tech Support


The Secretariat was instructed to host the CCSDS Strategic Plan on the website with appropriate hyperlinks. The Secretariat was also instructed to retain the blue text in the PDF version of the CCSDS Strategic Plan. Secretariat should post online only the black text. Secretariat should determine the process for connecting (by hyperlink) area goals to projects in the framework. Incorporate the contents of the spreadsheet of the area goals as provided by ESA.

Action: Secretariat
Due Date: Fall 2014 CMC Meeting Status: Closed

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