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Bonjour Mike

And sorry to be so late to express my, as many others before me, mixed feelings.

First, I'm happy that you may enjoy a well-deserved retirement with, at last, more time for family, friends and all those things you have postponed for after and after... Congratulations for that decision ! I wish you all the best in a happy and long retirement.

Then of course, I'm sad that this means you will not be with us in the next challenges of CCSDS. Or maybe you will and I sincerely hope you will find a way.

I believe we first met in the CMC but I can't forget the other groups in which we could work together, from the various SpaceOps, TPC's and CSIS  groups to the IOAG and MOSCG that you converted into MOSSG. In all those groups for about ten years, I could enjoy your technical and management skills and, above all, your far looking vision of our space activities. We will certainly miss your patience, guidance and positive thinking. You have put high standards of work in all your activities serving the development, the definition or the promotion of CCSDS standards. Also, for all of that, thank you.

I welcome James and Kelvin in their new CCSDS positions. They are not really new comers in our community and I am sure they are motivated to follow your steps and be part of the future challenges.

I hope we meet again soon, maybe in Nagano ?
A très bientôt.

Season's greetings

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Greetings to my CMC colleagues.

I'm afraid I have some news.  I am retiring from NASA.  My last day working for NASA will be January 2.

I apologize for the abrupt nature of this announcement.  In early December, NASA MSFC announced a Retirement Incentives program, and candidates had to decide on their application by December 15.  I applied then, but I was advised not to announce this possibility until it was approved.  I just received approval last Friday Dec 19, and inexplicably, my computer decided right then that it would crash.  I've spent this morning watching tech support work on my computer which is now more-or-less restored.  So my first priority was to get this message out.

I am leaving my CCSDS work in extremely good hands.  James Afarin at NASA HQ will immediately assume the role of NASA delegate to CCSDS and the CMC.  The Secretariat day-to-day management and the MSFC lead will be Kelvin Nichols.

As my last act as CCSDS Management Council chair, I nominate James Afarin to be my replacement as CMC Chairman and General Secretary.  James has been following my role and actively participating in the CMC for several years now and has a great handle on the current projects and issues, and our long-standing processes.  NASA has traditionally held this role because of the tight integration that is required between the NASA-funded Secretariat and the CMC Chairman, and I expect that the CMC will recognize that such integration needs to continue.  As you know, this has been key to the improvements in CCSDS project management capabilities that we have effected over the last several years (e.g. the framework resources, the online strategic plan, etc.).  I will leave it for discussion in the CMC as to whether an online poll is needed to confirm the next CMC chair.

I can't express the sadness with which I leave the CCSDS teams, both technical and management.  I was actually eligible for full retirement from NASA ten years ago, and the criticality and excitement of the CCSDS work and the pleasure of working with my CMC and CCSDS colleagues were the driving factors in my annual decision to continue working for NASA.  Even now it is a difficult decision, but the way the math works out, it's obvious that retirement now is best for my family situation.

While nothing is certain, it is entirely possible that I will be able to continue participating in some CCSDS role in my "afterlife" of NASA retirement.  But in case that doesn't happen, I want to say that working on the CCSDS program has he most rewarding experience of my career.  CCSDS is developing capabilities that will be needed for virtually all of mankind's future spaceflight programs and international spaceflight ventures.  You and your CCSDS colleagues from your agencies are performing a function that is extremely critical and grossly under-recognized (ergo under-funded).  I hope that this improves for CCSDS in the future.  And I thank all of you as individuals for the collegial working relationship and the friendship that was demonstrated during our time together with CCSDS.

All the best wishes for you and your teammates as CCSDS moves forward to even greater accomplishments.  And all the best wishes for you and your families in the upcoming holiday season.

Best regards,

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
CCSDS Chairman and General Secretary
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NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama  35803, USA
Mike.Kearney at nasa.gov<mailto:Mike.Kearney at nasa.gov>

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