[CMC] CESG presentation to IOAG telecon 18c on 9th Dec 2014 - Units discussion

Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01) mike.kearney at nasa.gov
Mon Dec 8 13:42:39 UTC 2014

Nestor:  There has been an email discussion about the units that are used for resource estimates (MM, MY, FTE), and at least two of the CMC participants have asked if we could "standardize" our units for future discussions.  See the attached email from DLR (Osvaldo).

I don't think the Secretariat can effect this change without potentially changing the WG chair's intent, simply because of different agencies' definitions of FTEs, etc.  I think the only way to respond to this is simply to ask the CESG and WG chairs to use a consistent unit in future usage, when updating resource estimates.

Chart 23 of your presentation (the resources discussion) illustrates this by using mm and FTE.  I immediately had a comment from a CMC participant about it.

So, this note is simply to ask you to address it in the CESG (and your presentation) as best you can.


   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Lead Technology Manager
Mission Operations Laboratory

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Dear all
Find attached the presentation

Comments welcome by today cob (sorry but the presentation is just out of the oven)


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