[CESG] My retirement and return as Emeritus

Grubbs, Rodney P. (MSFC-HP27) rodney.grubbs at nasa.gov
Thu Mar 30 13:55:36 UTC 2023

CESG: I retire from NASA tomorrow, March 31. Papers are in to allow me to continue to support CCSDS as SIS Deputy Area Director and Motion Imagery & Applications Working Group Chair as an Emeritus for an additional year. During that year I’ll be preparing successors to take over these roles (pending approval, of course).

There may be a gap where my access to my nasa.gov email address is blocked. That may mean emails that include my nasa.gov address will bounce. The paperwork isn’t complete as of this morning, and I doubt all will be completed by tomorrow. If you need to reach me for some reason, please contact Vinny (Ivica, cc:d above). He knows how to get in touch with me.

Hopefully, like a phoenix, I’ll return in a short while.


“Live Life Forward”
Rodney Grubbs
Artemis Imagery Integration Lead
Advanced Exploration Systems
256-603-3270 (NASA phone)
931-229-6030 (Personal, post-NASA phone)

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