[CESG] SIS-P-2023-07-01: Appointment of a new SIS-MIA WG co-chair

Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de
Mon Jul 31 17:01:31 UTC 2023

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

as Osvaldo Peinado is leaving the position of a co-chair for the SIS-MIA WG, a new appointment is due for which I kindly ask you to instruct a corresponding CESG poll.

After consultation with CMC, only DLR proposed a candidate (Dr. Falk Schiffner), who details are as follows:

------------- Falk Schiffner CV - Bullet Points -------------

- *Since June 2020 Research* at DLR - Space Operation and Astronaut Training, Lead of MIC Team (Media Internet Communication), Development of Future Communication System for Space Operations, CCSDS - Delegate - SIS MIA and Voice Group.

- *2020 Dissertation* in the Domain of Quality Assessment (subjective and instrumental) of  Video Telephony (TU Berlin)

- *2017-2020 ITU-T Delegate*: active member, contributed with research on audiovisual quality assessment to international standardization activities within the ITU-T Study Group 12 for questions Q7 and Q19. These efforts led to the implementation of the new ITU-T Recommendation P.918, named "Dimension-based Subjective Quality Evaluation for Video Content."

- *2014-2020 Research Assistant* TU Berlin / Research at Quality and Usability Lab / Teaching: Media Informatics & Speech Communication

- *2014 Research Assistant* RWTH Aachen (Medical Acoustic) / Lead Audiology University Hospital Aachen

- *2014 Master of Science* Audio Communication- and Technology (TU Berlin)

- *2010 Bachelor of Science* Hearing Aid Acoustics / Technological Audiology (University of Applied Science L├╝beck)

- *2006 Vocational Training* as Hearing Aid Specialist.
As such, Dr. Schiffner is to be considered the only candidate to take over the position of Osvaldo (i.e. co-chair of the SIS-MIA WG).

Thank you and best regards,

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