[CESG] CESG Poll Closure Reminder

CCSDS Secretariat thomas.gannett at tgannett.net
Fri Jul 7 21:50:32 UTC 2023

Dear CESG Members,

The closure date for the polls below is 10 July 2023.

- CESG-P-2023-06-004 Approval to release CCSDS 142.0-P-1.1, Non-Coherent Optical Communications Coding and Synchronization (Pink Sheets, Issue 1.1) for CCSDS Agency review
- CESG-P-2023-06-005 Approval to publish CCSDS 142.10-O-1, Reed-Solomon Product Code for Optical Communication (Orange Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2023-06-006 Approval to publish CCSDS 911.1-B-5, Space Link Extension—Return All Frames Service Specification (Blue Book, Issue 5)
- CESG-P-2023-06-007 Approval to publish CCSDS 911.2-B-4, Space Link Extension—Return Channel Frames Service Specification (Blue Book, Issue 4)
- CESG-P-2023-06-008 Approval to publish CCSDS 911.5-B-4, Space Link Extension—Return Operational Control Fields Service Specification (Blue Book, Issue 4)
- CESG-P-2023-06-009 Approval to publish CCSDS 912.1-B-5, Space Link Extension—Forward CLTU Service Specification (Blue Book, Issue 5)
- CESG-P-2023-06-010 Approval to publish CCSDS 350.9-G-2, CCSDS Cryptographic Algorithms (Green Book, Issue 2)
- CESG-P-2023-06-011 Reconfirmation of CCSDS 122.0-B-2, Image Data Compression (Blue Book, Issue 2, September 2017)
- CESG-P-2023-06-012 Reconfirmation of CCSDS 122.1-B-1, Spectral Preprocessing Transform for Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Compression (Blue Book, Issue 1, September 2017)
- CESG-P-2023-06-013 Reconfirmation of CCSDS 131.5-O-1, Erasure Correcting Codes for Use in Near-Earth and Deep-Space Communications (Orange Book, Issue 1, November 2014)

These polls can be accessed via the following link:


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