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Dear CESG Colleagues,

A friendly reminder and request to please vote in the polls that are closing on September 13.  These polls mostly affect the CSS Area, but the SOIS Area also has an open poll. 

Best regards,

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Dear CESG Members,

Six new CESG polls have been posted to the CWE:

- CESG-P-2022-08-001 Approval of historical status for CCSDS 912.3-B-3, Space Link Extension-Forward Space Packet Service Specification (Blue Book, Issue 3, August 2016)
- CESG-P-2022-08-002 Approval to publish CCSDS 922.1-B-2, Cross Support Transfer Services-Monitored Data Service (Blue Book, Issue 2)
- CESG-P-2022-08-003 Approval to release CCSDS 883.0-P-1.1, Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services-High Data Rate Wireless Proximity Network Communications (Pink Sheets, Issue 1.1) for CCSDS Agency review
- CESG-P-2022-08-004 Approval to release CCSDS 902.4-R-1, Cross Support Service Management-Service Package Data Formats (Red Book, Issue 1) for CCSDS Agency review
- CESG-P-2022-08-005 Approval to release CCSDS 902.9-R-1, Cross Support Service Management-Service Management Utilization Request Formats (Red Book, Issue 1) for CCSDS Agency review
- CESG-P-2022-08-006 Approval to release CCSDS 902.12-P-1.1, Cross Support Service Management-Common Data Entities (Pink Book, Issue 1.1) for CCSDS Agency review

These polls can be accessed via the following link:


The closure date for these polls is 13 September 2022

NOTE TO CC RECIPIENTS:  Only Area Directors and Deputy Area Directors vote on CESG polls.

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