[CESG] MO infusion in MSR

Mario Merri Mario.Merri at esa.int
Thu Nov 17 13:43:43 UTC 2022

Dear CESG members,

Following up on our discussion on the topic of MO services infusion and my presentation at our last CESG meeting on the 24.10., I am reaching out to you to bring to your attention the following concrete opportunity. I would like to ask for you active help, so that we pass as CCSDS a coherent and positive message in support of adoption of MO services for this particular use case:

In the last technical interchange meetings between thte NASA JPL and ESA/ESOC on 2 Nov, we discussed the use case of relayed data of SRL via ESA Realy assets TGO and ERO.
Both parties (ESA and NASA JPL) agreed on implementing a MOC-to-MOC interface based on MO Data Product Distribution Service and MO Parameter service as a shadow interface to currently established operational interface.
Please note that the SRL MOC is interested in receiving two types of data

  1.  TM data from the Electra payload on TGO or ERO
  2.  Relayed data of SRL. This is a “File” that is constructed at ESA MOC.. But the important point is that the“product”, being the file, is constructed at our MOC and not at network level.

The proposed interface is partially already implemented as part of the IOAG demonstrator by ESA and JPL.

The use of the ground to ground MO Parameter and Data Product Distribution service is exactly what we discussed for infusion of MO services.

Now, we have here a very concrete use case at hand.
While the mission sides both at ESA and JPL are happy to proceed with the proposed shadow interface, the JPL DSN representatives have taken an action to check with CCSDS representatives if the proposed standards are the “right standards” to be considered.

As discussed in my presentation, one of the perceived obstacle for adoption of MO services so far has been lack of support from all CESG members and not having a coherent CCSDS position in promoting adoption of MO services. I’d like to use this opportunity to ask for your help. Let’s make it happen this time.


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