[CESG] Proposed Candidate for CSSM WG Deputy Chair

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 6 23:11:28 UTC 2022

Dear CESG Colleagues,

To date, other than from DLR, I have received no candidates from the CMC for the Cross Support Service Management Working Group Deputy Chair. Therefore at the upcoming CESG meeting I would like to request a vote to confirm Mr. Marcin Gnat as the new WG Deputy Chair.  Attached please find a brief bio.   Mr. Gnat has been a key contributor to the CSSM WG for several years  and I believe he is extremely well qualified for the position.

Best regards,

Erik Barkley
Cross Support Services Area Director
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems

+1 818.393.4972

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Subject: CSS AD call for nominees for CSSM WG Deputy Chair

Dear CMC Colleagues,

The current Cross Support Service Management (CSSM) WG Deputy Chair, Colin Haddow, will be retiring upon the conclusion of the spring 2022 meetings. Accordingly, there will then be an opening for a new deputy working group chair. The CCSDS Organizations and Procedures document (CCSDS A02.1-Y-4<https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/A02x1y4c2.pdf>)  indicates in section Working Group Chairs:

"...For existing WGs requiring a replacement chair or deputy chair, the respective AD may
propose a candidate. For both new and replacement chairs and deputy chairs, in the interest
of fairness, the respective AD shall also invite the CMC via e-mail to propose additional
candidates and potential resources. For new WGs, the CMC shall be allowed 14 calendar
days to respond to such invitations; for existing WGs, the CMC shall be allowed 30 calendar
days to respond. The respective AD shall determine nominees based on the proposed
candidates, and final appointment of chairs and deputy chairs shall be accomplished by
CESG poll..."

As the CSS AD I hereby nominate Mr. Marcin Gnat of DLR.  I can say that Mr. Gnat has been with the WG for several years now and has proven to be quite adept with regard to developing service management standards and an excellent contributor and member of the WG.

I also invite the CMC delegates to provide nominees they would like to see considered for the CESG vote, by June 7.  I realize this is less than the 30 days indicated in the text above, but having the list of nominees and their brief bios by this date will help facilitate a CESG vote at the next CESG meeting which is scheduled for June 7th and 8th.

Best regards,

Erik Barkley
Cross Support Services Area Director
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems

+1 818.393.4972

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