[CESG] Spring 2022 CMC Meeting hosted by JAXA

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Mon Apr 11 17:03:10 UTC 2022

Dear Shigeta-san,

I too am sad that we will be unable to meet in-person again, but I also agree the time may not be right. I will begin an informal poll for the CMC to choose dates for a remote meeting.

Best regards,

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Subject: RE: Spring 2022 CMC Meeting hosted by JAXA

Dear CMC and CESG members,

Regarding the CMC meeting planned in the week of May 30 in Akihabara, Tokyo, Very regrettably, I have to express my sad feeling of not being able to host the meeting.

I tried until the last minute to hold the meeting in person, but with most countries still having difficulty entering Japan and the next wave of infection spreading in Tokyo.

Japan’s strict conditions for entry still continue and there is no change in the policy of requiring a visa for all entry. In addition, the daily limit on the number of visitors to Japan is limited to 10,000.

Under such circumstances, JAXA is not yet in a situation to host an international meeting, and we regret to conclude that we are forced to propose that the meeting be held virtually.

We are very regretful but please understand that lingering circumstances in my country, as well as in Asia, continue unfavorably.

Best Regards ..Shigeta

From: 繁田 勉
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2022 5:41 PM
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Subject: Spring 2022 CMC Meeting hosted by JAXA

Dear CMC and CESG members,

This is to consult with you about the CMC meeting scheduled for the week of May 30 in Akihabara, Tokyo.

While JAXA certainly would like to host the meeting in Tokyo and the technical tour to our new deep-space station, there is no clear prospect in containing the spread of the Omicron variant in Japan, and there are still some conditions for foreigners entering the country.

(Very much) Hoping the above circumstances would improve soon, JAXA would like to wait, by the first week of April, for making decision on whether to host an in-person meeting in Japan or not.

In addition, there have been many cases of international mail not being delivered as usual, and there is concern that the documents needed to obtain visas may not be exchanged in time. In case if some members cannot join in person, a hybrid meeting could be considered while the time differences need to be tolerated.

Should you have any opinion, please not to hesitate to let us(host) know!! Any opinion such as that you can wait more for deciding in-person meeting.



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