[CESG] Request for a brief coordination meeting on SCCS-ARD planned changes

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed May 5 21:41:18 UTC 2021

Dear SLS, CSS, SIS, and SEA colleagues,

In the SEA Systems Architecture WG (SAWG) we are working on a revision of the Space Communication Cross Support Architecture Requirements Document (CCSDS SCCS-ARD, 901.1-M-1).  That document presently describes how more than fifty-seven (57) normative CCSDS standards may be fitted together, like some giant jig-saw puzzle, to mee the needs of users who design and build flight and ground communications assets.  In the time since that standard was published a number of these normative standards have been updated, some with new features, and a significant number of new standards have been published, especially in SLS and CSS, but also in SEA itself.

We have identified some issues with the current document structure that requires changes to the chapters for clarity of presentation.  We have also identified some complexities introduced by new standards, such as USLP, optical comm, VCM, and newer security features that are driving a change in approach.  And we are adding all of the new standards that have been introduced since this document was published.

We would like to present these issues and how we plan to  address them to whichever members of your teams would be willing to participate.  This is  an unusual request for a WG, which usually do this sort of work behind closed doors, but since this document cross cuts all of your WGs we thought it useful and, we hope, valuable to you.  Since we have focused on ABA deployments the only Area that is not directly affected yet is SIS. That said, you may still wish to see what we are doing to the layers that underpin your networking layer standards.

I’d like to schedule this coordination meeting in the week between the end of  the nominal “working meetings” and the CESG /CMC meetings.  That would be the week starting 1 June.  Please go to this Doodle poll and indicate your availability.  Please feel free to invite your WG chairs, and whichever other members of your WGs, you think would be willing to participate.

Replies, please, by CoB, Friday, 7 May 2021.

Thanks, Peter


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