[CESG] Resolution SOIS-WIR WG-R-2021-07-01: Approval to release CCSDS-883-0-R-0, High Data-Rate Wireless Network Communications, for Publication

Wilmot, Jonathan J. (GSFC-5800) jonathan.j.wilmot at nasa.gov
Tue Jul 27 20:33:21 UTC 2021

To: CESG Chair
Cc: CESG, SOIS-WIR, CCSDS Secretariat (Tom Gannet)

Dear CESG chair,

The following resolution has been approved by SOIS AD.


Resolution SOIS-WIR WG-R-2021-07-001: Request for CMC approval of  Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services - Wireless - High Data-Rate Wireless Network Communications specification (CCSDS-883-0-R-0) for Publication 

CONSIDERING that the CCSDS Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services Wireless WG (SOIS-WIR), Is chartered to standardize wireless communicationsd for onboard spacecraft vehicles and planetary surface infrastructure within a 10-km proximity area, Has been approved to describe a CCSDS a high data-rate wireless networking communications architecture, and Has reached consensus on a High Data-Rate Wireless Network Communications specification that accomplishes this objective, and has dispositioned all CESG poll conditions with the agreement of all poll condition initiators, and has completed interoperability testing

RESOLVES to request CESG & CMC approval of the attached High Data-Rate Wireless Network Communications specification (CCSDS-883-0-R-0) Red Book for Publication. and 

RECOMMENDS that the CESG & CMC approve this resolution and, finally 

REQUESTS that a CESG & CMC polls be conducted to accomplish this

Please find the supporting RID resolutions and interoperability tests in CWE at https://cwe.ccsds.org/sois/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2Fsois%2Fdocs%2FSOIS-WIR%2FAAA%20Meeting%20Materials%2F2021%2FSpring%2FCCSDS-0-883-R-0%20RID%20Processing&FolderCTID=0x0120009D2B0A68C3206447999D0442422BD332&View=%7B23F123B6-2C0C-4AF8-87FC-7DBEA74BFFFC%7D


Kind regards,


Jonathan Wilmot
Code 580 Senior Engineer for Flight Systems 
cFS Software Architect 
CCSDS SOIS Area Director
Office 301-286-2623 Cell 301-751-2658

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